Mechanical ENGINEERING 122 - Spring 2016

Fundamentals of manufacturing processes: metal forming, metal cutting, welding, joining, and casting. Design for manufacturing, selection of metals, plastics, and other materials relative to the design and choice of manufacturing processes.

Course Projects

3D Printing

Our group wanted create a mechanism that could only be manufactured using a 3D printer for the rapid prototyping project. The mechanism was driven by our collective passion for motor sports. We created something that was educational and interactive while showing our Cal spirit. There is an input handle connected to low and high gear transmission which drives the crankshaft, connecting rod, and piston assembly. The crankshaft outputs to a bevel gear which meshes with another bevel gear fixed to the rear axle and wheel assembly. The mechanism was printed on a Stratasys Dimension 1200es printer with ABS and dissolvable support material.

SolidWorks Powertrain Render

Final Print


Our main design intent for the waterjet project was to create a small 3D model of the Formula SAE Chassis and Wheel center. The chassis model is composed of seven components which easily assemble together via slots and extrusions in each component. In order to recreate it as an assembled 2D model the geometry of the chassis had to be simplified. The side rails were changed to be completely 2 dimensional, and any tubing which laid on the floor of the chassis were removed. The components themselves link together via slots and extrusions, seen at the front bulkhead. The components were cut from a 1/4" piece of aluminum using an OMAX 2626 Precision JetMachining Center.

SolidWorkds Chassis Render

Waterjet Aluminum Chassis

CNC Machining

Wanted to create a base for our waterjet chassis model to sit in and to integrate other projects to bring together a cohesive model that represents what our Formula SAE car looks like. The design includes round features and fillets which would be difficult to manually machine. The tool path used an 1/8” ball end mill with 1/16” corner radius. Settings included a max stepover size of 0.050” and feed rate of 20IPM.

CNC Mastercam Toolpath 

Machinist Wax Base

Full Assembly with 3D printed helmet, waterjet chassis, and CNC base