Applied Materials

Mechanical Engineer

Pivoting Sealing Plate (details redacted)

Pivoting Sealing Plate (details redacted)

  • Designed pivoting seal plate to fully compress O-ring and decreased vacuum leak of chamber by 12%.

  • Reduced cost of sealing assembly by 25% and integrated retrofittable hardware to minimize tool down time.

  • Implemented throttle valve in foreline to improve high pressure control. Decreased settling time by 14%.

Improved Sealing (details redacted)

Improved High Press Performance (details redacted)

UC Berkeley Formula SAE

Senior engine team member

  • Assembly and solidpart modeling and design

  • Manufacturing drawings and machining experience

  • Product data management (PDM) and revision control


KTM350 Engine Tuning: Simulation vs Measured

Engine tuning using Ricardo WAVE simulation. Data and model validation with engine dynamometer. Torque curve with .9 correlation.

Engine Package: Intake and Exhaust Design

Mechatronics Design (2016) 

Sponsored by DJI to achieve unlimited flight of quadcopter by supplying power with tether cable, and managing cable with reeling spool.

Tethered Drone Project

On-board Power Supply and Case

Reeling Mechanism