Engineering 128 - Fall 2015

Advanced graphics tools for engineering design. Parametric solid modeling, assembly modeling.
Presentation using computer animation and multimedia techniques through PTC Creo Parametric and Autodesk 3ds Max.


Swissauto 250 Engine

The E128 semester project is to create an animation of an assembly and operation of a moderately complex mechanical device. The device must be composed of several mechanical components, and be constructed of different materials or material finishes. Additionally, the animation must specifically illustrate the principles of operation and aspects of the device’s operation that are difficult to visualize or understand conceptually.

Course Topics

  • Parametric solids,parts, and feature based modeling
    • Constructive solids, sweeps, rotation, Boolean operations
  • Assembly modeling and creation of working drawings  
  • Computer rendering, viewing, and presentation of solids. 
  • Technical presentation using computer animation and multimedia techniques.