October 1, 2018

Faxi Waterfall

Over this last week, I traveled to Iceland for the first time. There I stood under many waterfalls, snowmobiled on a glacier, snorkeled in glacial waters, and hunted for the northern lights.

Iceland was a perfect place to start practicing photography because of how scenic everything is. Here is a photo of my favorite waterfall Faxi at sunset.


June 7, 2017

Over the weekend I flew my new quad at the Richmond Field Station and briefly followed the 2017 Berkeley Formula Racing car. 

Watch the video to see my slow but steady progress as an FPV pilot! One battery clip, no cuts.


March 3, 2017

Video is an FPV pilot's most important input. A clear feed in a pilot's goggles inspires confidence, allowing for more aggressive flying. Noise in the power source of the video camera and transmitter are caused by the electronic speed controllers and motors. This can be remedied by adding a low pass LC filter to the video components' power supply to remove high frequency noise.

Watch the video to see the difference a filter can make!


December 12, 2016

Over the past few month, I've been getting into the hobby of FPV drone racing. With the help of the members at UAVs at Berkeley, I was able to build my first quad and am now in the process of building my second.

The electrical skills learned from Project APPA developed into an interests and eventually into a hobby. Making quads involves hours of tedious soldering of tiny electrical components which is half the fun in my opinion! The ability to experience flight in first person is well worth the effort.



June 19, 2016

Berkeley Formula Racing finishes 11th overall at Lincoln 2016! 

B16 is the fastest car in the history of team and performed well at competition. The team finished 15th in autocross, 14th in endurance, and took home 1st in fuel efficiency!

I drove the acceleration event and the second stint of endurance. It was such an honor to be the driver to cross the finish line and receive the checkered flag. It was the perfect way to end my FSAE career and close a larger chapter of my life. I will always remember and continue to be inspired by the hard work and dedication of all my BFR teammates.


APRIL 29, 2016

My mechantronics design group, Team SkyBison, finished our tethered drone prototype. The project consisted of replacing the battery from a DJI M100 quadcopter with a powered cable and a mechanical reel to manage the tether. I'm happy with how the project turned out. I learned a lot and made cool stuff.

Check out the demonstration video and stills from testing!




APRIL 1, 2016

My FSAE team debuted our 2016 platform at Sonoma Raceway to test and shake down the newly built car. It was great to get into the seat of the new car. The car survived the half test day and a cracked engine mount chassis tube was discovered later back home. The car feels fast and I am excited for the improvements in the coming weeks.



February 26, 2016

My FSAE team went to Sonoma Raceway to test our 2015 car and our resurrected 2012 car with our new 2016 engine. It was great to have 2 formula cars run all day. A rare sight, which I have not seen in my 4 years on the team. As always, it was awesome to drive the car and such an honor to be allowed to drive a car which many team members have spent hundreds of hours designing and manufacturing.

Check out the short video I made from the test day!